Professional Mindset Development

Why Do I Need Professional Mindset Development?

Everyone deserves to feel their best. Having a coach and guide to help you along the way can be one of the best gifts you can give yourself. With wellness coaching by Nurse Mo, you can start feeling like your goals are within your reach.

Find your purpose. Develop your confidence. Take the next step towards a life that you love. 

Meet Nurse Mo!

Monique Doughty, BSN, RN – also known as “Nurse Mo” –  grew up in Philadelphia, PA, USA. She has an 8-year history as a Critical Care Registered Nurse. Monique has transitioned her career as a bedside nurse to becoming a fulltime: entrepreneur, motivational speaker, digital influencer, travel host, career and confidence coach.

Through all of her work Monique motivates and provides tools for her audience and clients to design the lives they love and to ask themselves the question, “What do I deserve?”.

Her purpose is to motivate, uplift, and empower women to remove limiting beliefs. Her voice is to encourage her audience that their possibilities are limitless. She encourages those facing adversity to use this as a stepping stone to be resilient. 

Her audience has grown beyond nurses, to all women who need a push towards fearlessly believing in their self-worth and power. Monique is constantly doing the work to expand to her full potential, she empowers her clients to explore themselves deeper so that they can move with love and never be stagnated by complacency or fear.


Nurse Mo at Vitality


1-on-1 Consultation

Every person is unique and requires different levels of assistance! In this initial meeting, you will discuss your personal and professional goals. Nurse Mo will get you motivated in areas where you have a mental blockage or obstacles and allow you to create your vision on a larger scale. 

She will assess your need for further instruction, share resources to assist you on your journey to success, and give feedback on the next steps to take to developing or growing your dream.  


Group Coaching – 6 Weeks to Self Love

Many of us feel undervalued at home and work. You care for so many people, when do you care for yourself? Allow Monique Doughty to guide you to reclaim your identity and develop a strong sense of self-love.

This 6-week program focuses on the 7 energy centers of the body, aligning our Chakras while connecting to your higher power. With prayer, crystal sound therapy, meditation, community discussions, and personal development exercises, each lesson is structured towards the deepest healing needs of the group. Most importantly, this group is a sacred and safe space for women who feel they have to be strong, this is a space where you can be soft and vulnerable. This collective of primarily black women will allow you to express yourself with no filter!