Zen Partnerships

Vitality in Philadelphia

Hike + Heal

Increase your overall wellness – physically, mentally, and spiritually – by opening up to the gifts nature has to offer. Hike + Heal is a hiking hive offering healing hikes in the greater Philadelphia area.

Professional Mindset Development

Professional Mindset Development

Everyone deserves to have a life they love – and that includes you. Professional Mindset Development by Nurse Mo can help you achieve your goals, find your purpose, and design a brighter future that fulfills your desires.

Ribbon Roads / Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a lifelong journey of learning, balance and healing. At Vitality, our co-owner Healing Haylee offers Ayurvedic coaching that focuses on practical, preventative care that increases energy, immunity, and vitality.

Jade Javon Yoga

*Coming in 2021* 

massage therapy in philadelphia

Light Therapy + Skin Care

With a background in various alternative healing modalities, a session with Lynn feels stimulating, grounding, uplifting, and restoring simultaneously. In slowing down your beauty routine, you tap into your rejuvenation.