Having structure to your day that makes space for you, and the beautiful vibrant being you are, is incredibly important.

Sometimes the hardest parts of the day to make time for are the moments of sweet stillness. When we are alone it can stir up all kinds of emotions and thoughts. This is exactly why we need to prioritize that time alone! If life is truly about discovering yourself – how are you going to do it if you don’t sit with all the info your body is offering you? While alone time can be uncomfortable, we can set up ways for it to also feel cozy.

Here are some suggestions for a morning & evening routine that support your mind, body & spirit!


Wake up before the rest of your house – let the morning time be a gift to you!

Enjoy a hot cup of water or tea to warm your belly – breath in the steam to support your respiratory health

Write 3 gratitudes to start your day

Move and dance in a way that feels pleasurable! Affirm your body and take up space!

Meditate in a quiet place (no cats, no dogs, no people) for at least 10 mins


NO SCREENS after 8pm (or whatever time limit you set for yourself)

Make a warm beverage for yourself – I suggest Golden Milk (oat milk, turmeric, cardamom & cinnamon)

Journal for 10 mins – free write! It could be a new fiction story, reflection on the day or even a poem

Self Massage – heat up some oil or simply use your favorite lotion and give yourself some love

Take 5 deeeep belly breaths before you hit the hay