This 5 minute meditation plan will change your life!

written by: Emma Reed  Jun 25, 2018

Meditation is not something that requires you to ditch your daily routineMeditation is not something that requires you to ditch your daily routine

Meditation is not something that requires you to ditch your daily routine

The act of meditation is well-known to millennials for its many attractive benefits such as lessened stress, anxiety, and depression, enhanced energy, and improved concentration and productivity – and that’s only a few of them. But due to the often fast-paced lifestyle of millennials, it can be challenging to find time to spend on meditation. Creating new, healthy habits doesn’t need to happen all at once. In fact, most positive habits last long-term when they’re integrated incrementally. One of the best approaches to meditation for millennials is a simple, 5-minute plan.

With all of the research and constant talk of meditation and the related topic of mindfulness, we’re pretty well-equipped with knowledge about how and why we should develop a personal practice. Despite all of this valuable information though, there’s still a significant problem. We, as a society, don’t know how to slow down long enough to even attempt actual meditation.

This information should come as no surprise, especially to millennials. Just as meditation is known for its many benefits, millennials are known for theirs too – namely, their ambitious nature, the motivation for success, and idealistic and passionate points of view. While all of these qualities are great, the combination of them can make for a fast-paced, hectic, and often overwhelming lifestyle. If millennials are continually running from their day job to their passion project, to their side-gig, how can they be expected to find time to meditate?

The good thing is that anyone, no matter who you are or what generation you belong to, can find one minute every day to focus on the breath. The goal is to start slow so that you acquire small victories, encouraging you to do more extended meditations down the line. To begin the plan, all you need to do is take one minute aside on each weekday and follow your breath coming in and out of your nose. Do you one-minute meditation at the same time every day, preferably in the morning to start your day off positively. At the end of the first week, you can commit to doing two minutes at a time. Millenials have big dreams, and it’s only right that they chase them with all the enthusiasm that they’ve got, but taking a few moments of meditation can help them reach new heights and achieve their goals tenfold.