Hello! It’s Hailie back with another blog post. Today I’m introducing you to Melissa, a Reiki Master healer/teacher and empowerment life coach. I’ve always wanted to dive more into Reiki as I’ve heard so much about it but for some reason I just couldn’t grasp the full sense of the practice. Our conversation satisfied my curiosities and left me wanting to learn so much more, as I hope it does for you!

Much of who Melissa is will be lost between the translation of words from her mouth to across the screen. The ambiance she creates is like nothing else, so welcoming and warm. Speaking with her is the best part of her services! Melissa works mainly with women to help them step into their full power through life coaching and Reiki. Though one interaction with Melissa makes it appear as if she’s been a healer her entire life. I was surprised to find out she’s actually a kindergarten teacher who never intended to become a practitioner; rather, it was Reiki that found Melissa. Melissa was visiting an oracle who, during one of their readings, told her that she was meant to be a healer. Then, a few weeks later her friend contacted her out of the blue and suggested she learn Reiki because she thought she would resonate with it. Her friend sent her a link to a Reiki lesson where the teacher was teaching two levels for the price of one, so Melissa thought it was the perfect time for this new endeavour. She shared her aspirations for learning Reiki with the teacher, and the teacher insisted that Melissa complete all 3 levels to become a master. Melissa hasn’t yet taught Reiki, which is the ability that comes with becoming a master, but her hopes are to some day teach children reiki. She views children as majestic little beings, but society continues to make them submissive, dulling their sparkle. Her goal is to empower children to live out their fullest potential by teaching them how to heal themselves. 

This is the running theme throughout all of Melissa’s work. She doesn’t want anyone to have to rely on her services, but rather aims to share knowledge and lift the community to their highest potential. She is your doorway into seeing your true self. 

Her healing journey started with Reiki, and if you’re anything like me, you might not have the best idea of what Reiki is. Reiki is a universal exchange of energy from the palms of the practitioner to the patient to restore one’s physical and/or emotional well-being. This process is done with hands on healing, providing a light touch on various parts of the patient’s body, or by hovering hands just above the body. Melissa practices intuitively, meaning she lets her hands guide her to the areas of the body that need attention without the need for the client to tell her any personal information. This allows her to find blockages within your chakras, and if your spirit guide grants Melissa access, she is able to provide guidance on how to overcome those blockages. It is very common for emotions to be brought to the surface during this time. Patients are known to cry or laugh during their session, or one’s emotions can even be released physically. Occasionally people find themselves sick after their session, resulting in nausea or diarrhea. This is insane to me! The body quite literally purges out what needs to be let go of in order to cleanse and release. After hearing this I thought I just have to try it out. Getting sick isn’t fun, but it boldly confirms that Reiki has profound effects on the body. 

Melissa also offers life coaching to women. She is an empowerment coach that helps women undo the oppression society has conditioned women to accept and believe. Her goal is to reveal to every woman the divine goddess that lies within. She feels that women have been taught to despise the divine qualities of themselves rather than embrace them. For example, our menstrual cycle (or as Melissa calls it, our moon cycle) is something we’ve been taught to see as disgusting and dreadful when in reality it is an amazing, intuitive ability that tells women so much about what’s going on in their body. She said even looking at which day is your heaviest flow can provide valuable information, such as if you’re struggling with your masculine or feminine energy. (Once again, so intriguing!) I instantly thought that I must learn more about this as I’m in dire need of finding some love for my period. Her coaching allows women to reconnect with their bodies and to each of their beautiful, divine capabilities.

 She ended our conversation with the line she first tells all of her clients, “You don’t think you’re powerful, you think this is a man’s world, but understand this- you are the only way anybody can come onto this planet. Women are a portal to this beautiful world.” 

Come meet Melissa at Vitality, access your divinity <3