Monique (she/her)

Continuing my series of interviews, I’ll next introduce you to Monique, the mindset development coach at Vitality. After working 8 years as a nurse in critical care and being pulled in every direction, she’s now a full time entrepreneur who teaches women how to put themselves first. Monique took me through her journey of how she was inspired to leave her nursing career behind and enter a new world of self love. 

A Leader in the Nursing World  

Monique was an extremely successful nurse. She worked within critical care at some of the top institutions in the country and was highly regarded by her colleagues, but despite her success, she wasn’t happy. She went above and beyond for her patients, guiding them in meditations and massaging their feet, but that same love and care was lacking in her personal life. She was always busy and continuously found herself in a relationship to avoid herself. Her mantra became “I’m tired, I’m tired, I’m tired.” I’m sure many can relate to this theme- tending to and comforting others all day, but neglecting your own needs in the process. 

A New Path of Self Love 

Around her 29th birthday she took her first solo trip. Taking this time for herself offered her a new perspective- she had to put her needs first in order to be successful. As she became secure in the prioritization of her own needs, she was able to guide others in doing the same.  She started sharing her work-life balance tips online, always being transparent about her failures and resilience in life. This honesty led her to gain quite the following, prompting her to start a brand called the Resilient Nurse. Different companies sponsored her brand to help nurses learn new techniques that would prevent them from becoming burnt out. Eventually she got her first partnership with a nursing staff company. In exchange for her promotion of their company, they provided her with social media content and sponsored all of her events. Their sponsorship allowed her to speak at in person events, causing her brand to have its major breakthrough. From there she was able to start growing her business beyond just the medical community, but to all women. Assisting the medical community was her stepping stone to talk about the content she truly wanted to, self love. 

Becoming a Leader in the Self Care World

On Monique’s 30th birthday she resigned as a nurse, and is now a full time entrepreneur. She works as a self love mindset coach, specializing in helping women of color undo beliefs formed from fear based thoughts. Monique’s found confidence has enabled her to transfer her power to others, creating a domino effect of women empowerment. She hosts events, workshops, and international/domestic travel retreats that bring women into a welcoming space of community and support. Monique offers a 6 Weeks to Self Love Coaching Program that guides women to discover their fullest sense of love and confidence. She uses a range of healing methods such as: one on one coaching, community discussions, prayer, personal development exercises, breath work, aromatherapy and crystal sound therapy. Her retreat destinations have consisted of Bali, Nicaragua, Kenya, Thailand and Mexico, to name a few. Recently, Monique has extended her work by founding the Luminous Energy Collective. It is a collective of personal mentors that each offer their own speciality, allowing one to pick which path of healing feels best for them. 

Monique has cultivated a life where she lives for herself AND others. Once a leader in the nursing world, she now thrives as a leader in the self care world. 

Are You Living for Yourself? 

Monique was successful as a nurse, but rather than staying stagnant, she pushed for more. She left a life of personal neglect to now immerse her days in self love. Too often do we abandon our self power and fall trap to habitualization in routines and patterns. Once Monique was able to leave behind the parts of her life that weren’t serving her anymore, her life blossomed. Now she can pour her love back into the community without leaving herself drained. 

I can say firsthand that Monique’s energy is extremely strong and magnetic. I can’t imagine a vessel of such charisma being left unattended to. Though, that’s unfortunately what happens to most of us. Our lives are being pulled in so many directions that it becomes a chore to love ourselves. In a world as mentally taxing as ours, we’re all looking for an encouraging voice to keep us inspired. Monique reminds women that we can be the change we need in life. Embody your fullest sense of self. Your inner power is waiting to be tapped into.