For my next interview I met with Eeden, the herbalist at Vitality. They shared with me their love of natural medicine and how it has changed their life. Our discussion showed me that the use of natural medicine changes not only how you approach your health, but how you approach the environment in general. A big aspect of herbalism is the mental shift that comes along with building a relationship between yourself and the planet. Hopefully this blog can shed some light on a new way of working with your well-being, as it did for me!

Eeden Shale (they/them): 

Meet Eeden, a non-binary advocator that uses the expression of art, music, herbalism, and education to connect humanity to their inner spirit of creativity and empowerment. Eeden is the community herbalist at Vitality, specializing in herbal pregnancy prevention support. They have worked with herbs throughout their life and began their own apothecary 2 years ago. You can find Eeden tending to the garden at Vitality, providing personal consultations, holding workshops and creating purchasable products. These products include tinctures, loose herb blends, salves, toiletries, skincare, pelvic steams, smoking mixtures and essential oil rollers. They are also a trained Priestex (non-binary spiritual guide). This revolves around the practice of reconnecting with nature and learning how to heal our bodies by the spirit. 

Their holistic journey began through trauma experienced in their own life combined with wonders of the paranormal and astronomy, leading them into the realm of natural healing. The use of natural medicine allowed Eeden to not only heal their body, but to heal their mind as well. This transformative shift offered a new lens for them to view themself and the world through. 

Eeden is particularly passionate about the benefits of natural medicine and putting power back into ourselves. A wealth of confidence was born within them from being able to rely solely on themself and the Earth. This allowed Eeden to gain back control over their body, something that was previously taken from them. Natural medicine gives one the chance to listen to and tend to their own body rather than give it up to an outside force. Using herbal medicine is a bonding experience with the environment that will carry with you throughout life. You begin to see the planet through a new lens. You will recognize herbs and plants on your hikes and daily strolls that you may have dismissed before. Soon you will begin to see yourself as part of the Earth rather than separate. Eeden’s practice provides the tools and education needed to incorporate natural medicine into your daily life. They are here to guide you through your herbal journey, whether that means giving attention to your mental or physical body, or both. Being a trauma survivor themself, they remain trauma informed and attentive to your needs at all times. Through Eeden’s unique herbal knowledge, they will assist you in tapping into your self power and confidence by healing yourself with the gifts of nature.