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There seem to be 10000 fad diets out there, that somehow all contradict each other. If you feel a little overwhelmed, you are not alone. This blog will (hopefully) give you an easy key to help you choose what is going to fell good in your belly by following a pretty simple color key. This is the easiest way I have found to enter into the world of nutrition.

As you may know by now (from the past few blogs you should totally check out *wink) I am an Ayurvedic Holistic Health Counselor. Color therapy is one of the pillars of Ayurveda, and it is so much more than wearing colored lenses or painting your room. It is even a guiding light for how to grocery shop and check that your meals are supporting what you need!

A brief intro to the colors

Red – maintain cell health & have high antioxidants, help balance Kapha

Orange – contains carotene, good for skin, fighting cancer and high in Vitamin C

Yellow – Protects cells and lowers high blood pressure, reduces plaque in arteries and acts as a laxative

Green – fights cancer causing chemicals, dark green has antioxidants, can increase metabolism to help lose weight

Brown – filling foods that help eliminate toxins, high in vitamin B (convert calories into energy)

White – protects cell membranes, lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Blue/Purple – aids memory, acts as a laxative and can help lower cholesterol

The colors of our foods also relate to the colors of our Chakras! If you are working on a particular Chakra, start adding in foods of that Chakra’s color.

This is just a brief overview of how to think of foods in color. It is important to choose colors that will balance your dosha. Your unique order of elements that determine how your body relates to the world around it.

The last aspect of Ayurvedic nutrition I want to offer you is to make sure each meal has all aspects of a plant; the seed, root, stem and flower. This could be made up of various plants and forms and is an easy way to check that your meal is balances and whole!

Enjoy your foods this holiday season, and enjoy the curiosity that comes with looking at your food in a new and intriguing way. This is an age old mindfulness technique that helps us develop a new relationship to the mundane routine aspects of our life…like eating!

About the Author

Haylee Warner, HHC, RYT is an Ayurvedic holistic health counselor,  movement & meditation instructor and corporate wellness provider based in Philadelphia. Her holistic health counseling puts all the pieces of your life into a clear picture.  She guides you to understand the root cause of your dis-ease. In her sessions your will build a map of simple and effective changes to re-pattern old habits so that you can live with energy, motivation and vitality.  Her goal is to empower you to clear the haze and stop compromising your best self! Healing Haylee provides a realistic way to incorporate affordable and preventative healthcare into your 21st century lifestyle. We will find small, effective and achievable adjustments for your diet and life that will have profound effects on your energy, perspective, and productivity.

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