Cosmetic acupuncture is a beautifully natural alternative to Botax, endless chemical facial lotions and can even ease jaw pain, reduce scarring and help with sleep & anxiety. It is an advanced, healing facial using tiny acupuncture needles on the face, neck, jaw and ears. I got the chance to experience an incredible treatment with Franchesca of Flourish Acupuncture.

Facial Acupuncture…what is it?

I have experienced acupuncture before, but was curious about how and why facial acupuncture is special. She explained that the face holds an extraordinary amount of Chi (or our body’s energy flow) so, just like how our feet and hands have a lot of energy points, so does our face. You could think of them like our bodies control centers in directing our flow of energy. The reason cosmetic acupuncture is so effective, especially in reducing wrinkles, sagging and scarring, is because it tells our body to bring more blood flow and collagen to the locations of the needles. Francesca’s clients have been shocked at the results they received after just 2 sessions.

Whole Body Healing

In Chinese medicine, and a lot of eastern medicine traditions, the body is seen as a complete package. Everything connects and works together to help bring balance and ease. Keeping with this tradition, Franchesca brings the whole body into the treatment. She started by asking what I was experiencing and what I would like to focus on in the session. I had sprained my back a month ago and was still experiencing some pain, had been feeling a bit lethargic the past few weeks all coupled with the usual stress around the holidays. She easily identified the meridian she would focus on, the kidney meridian.

Watering the Roots

She began a process called “watering the roots” by placing a few acupuncture needles along the inner leg line to help stimulate the flow. She also placed a needle at the top of my head. She uses a special tapping technique in placing the needles, so I didn’t feel a thing. Then she began with the face. Franchesca uses Thrive Intradermal needles, which are specially made for cosmetic acupuncture because they are thinner and smaller than usual acupuncture needles. It put me at ease because when I opened my eyes I wouldn’t be able to see any of the needles. The face is more sensitive so with most of the needles I felt a slight pinch as they entered, but then any discomfort left after they were placed. After a few needles a was able to feel a little tingling…it was like I could feel the points communicating with each other. This was pretty cool and a new feeling for me. The whole time I felt safe and relaxed, if any questions came up Franchesca was able to answer them.

Deep Relaxation


After all the needles were in place she used an incredible cooling mask to help integrate and ease any redness. It was a really simple post op. mask with water, glycerin and castor oil. I rested with the mask and needles, and in 5 minutes I was almost asleep. People joke about the acunap.…but believe me it is the most incredible healing rest you can find.

I am used to regular acupuncture treatments where that is pretty much the end, but in cosmetic acupuncture this is only half of it! When Franchesca returned and removed the needles she massaged my face with AcuRegen anti-aging and antioxidant cleanser, gel and moisturizer. The product was super light and smooth. I haven’t had a facial in a long time and I forgot that, just like the rest of our body, our face holds and stores tension. This was a beautifully relaxing surprise.

Warrior Needles

To end the session Franchesca spritzed me with a rose water toner and offered stay-in needles for 2 ear points. One for my jaw pain & tooth sensitivity, and the other for stress. There are tiny needles that look like earring studs. They are actually known as warrior needles because Chinese soldiers use them to help in battle because they ease pain and tension for up to 3 weeks! These felt a little more like an ear piercing, but not as bad because the needle is so thin. Unlike the acu stickers I have gotten before, these are beautiful and after a few hours you can barely feel them.

All in all I can say cosmetic acupuncture really is the whole package! It includes stress reduction, healing from pain, anxiety and even helps with aesthetic desires. I would highly recommend giving it a try!

-Written by Haylee Warner