Meet Eeden!

Eeden Shale (they/them) is a passionate herbalist, androgynous artist & alternative medicine practitioner. Specializing in contraception & trauma recovery, they open doors of body sovereignty through uplifting natural healing modalities. All is made with intentional respect for the elements: sources for what’s made in-house include local vendors, sustainable wildcrafting, ethical merchants, plus personal gardens! A growing arrangement of offerings expands into herbal care consultations, divination & steaming sessions (coming soon!) for every embodiment. Eeden’s practice calls to their ancestry of Druidic & enaree lineages, whose entire clinical framework revolved around herbal sciences. Queering & re-learning lost knowledge therefore reside at the front of their values, along with holding autonomous support systems to the light.

What herbal care is offered, for me to use independently?

Aside from consultations, products are available to supplement your herbal journey. Custom or pre-crafted remedies can include: tinctures, loose herb blends, flower essences, salves, toiletries, skincare, pelvic steams, smoking mixtures, as well as essential oil rollers. Items can be obtained in person, through our respective websites, during a consult, or commissioned privately.

What is pelvic steaming?

The tried & true art of pelvic steaming has been integrated as a ritual for the reproductive area, within many traditions. We find examples of steaming throughout many cultures: Mayan, Japanese, American Aborigine, Greek, African & Philippines. It is considered to be a supplementary remedy for issues like hormonal imbalance, inflammation & infections – along with having a ceremonial context. Often, we see pelvic steaming presented as only being available to yonic bodies, but this is not the case! All people can enjoy the benefits of steaming, be it for enjoyment or healing. Vitality offers pre-made pelvic steams with instructions, to experience in the privacy of your home.

For more information about pelvic steaming, including a spell guide, you can check out Eeden’s book “Non Binary Healing Practices Across the Globe.”


Herbalism products can be bought on the Vitality site store, in person or online