IV Therapy

At Vitality, we combine Eastern and Western philosophies of health to strengthen your entire well being.

Founder Anastasia Bailey is a registered nurse who offers IV therapies to help clients feel their best. IV therapy is just one form of alternative medicine we offer in our Philadelphia holistic health center.

Meet Anastasia!

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Anastasia Bailey

What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy is the process of receiving fluid into the body intravenously. It is administered by a registered nurse through a drip, so the fluid gets into your body quickly.

How Does It Work?

IV therapy provides vitamins and hydration to boost your overall health. It can aid the body with a multitude of issues, including dehydration, jet lag and even hangovers. By hydrating the body and supporting it with vitamins, it can produce major benefits, including boosting energy, improving anxiety and depression, and improving mental clarity. IV therapy can also support better skin and hair health.

IV therapy can benefit anyone and be the mood booster you need in your week!

What Can I Expect During My IV Therapy Appointment?

At a typical IV therapy appointment, Anastasia will meet with you to discuss your needs and work with you on a treatment that matches your wellness goals. She will then insert the IV and make sure you are getting the correct dosage. The treatment can last anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour.

Spend time relaxing while the IV does all the work!